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These bloggers write of investing in real-estate, managing real-estate, etc.

Blog Name(s)/Alias(es) Start Date Post Frequency Visit the Blog
Two Wise Acres Mike, Rob August 28, 2007 3-5 times weekly
Get Rich Slowly JD Roth April 9, 2006 multiple times daily
Consumerism Commentary Flexo and Sasha July 16, 2003 multiple times daily
Five Cent Nickel Nickel May 1, 2005 multiple times daily
I Will Teach You To Be Rich Ramit Sethi August 18, 2003 2-3 times weekly
Mighty Bargain Hunter MBH ? daily
Generation X Finance Jeremy October 19, 2006 daily
The Digerati Life SVB July 30, 2006 daily
Money $mart Life MoneySmartLife ? daily
Fabulous Financials Single Ma December 18, 2005 daily
Boston Gal's Open Wallet Boston Gal October 1, 2005 multiple times daily
My Open Wallet Madame X July 6, 2005 daily
Punny Money Nick December 17, 2005 2-3 times weekly
Million Dollar Journey Frugal Trader December 7, 2006 5-6 times weekly
Queercents group blog May 21, 2007 multiple times daily
My Two Dollars David November 2006 daily
The Dough Roller DR May 27, 2007 daily
Quest for Four Pillars Mr. Cheap and Mike May 13, 2007 daily
Remodeling This Life Emily November 11, 2007 daily
Debt Kid Debt Kid January 21, 2007 4-5 times weekly
Ask Dong Dong January 14, 2006 daily
American Consumer News group blog November 1, 2006 multiple times daily
Rich Credit Debt Loan Kevin May 11, 2008 daily
Funny About Money VH December 25, 2007 daily
Richer by the Day Mike November 2007 3-5 Times Weekly
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