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Blog Title: The Digerati Life

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Blogger name(s)/Alias(es): Silicon Valley Blogger

Blog start date: July 30, 2006

About the Blog: "I have christened this place The Digerati Life, given that I intend to write about money, technology, my entrepreneurial endeavors and what the culture is like where I work and live. Here you’ll find a mish-mash of these subjects that interest me and what I have something to say about. This site will hopefully be enlightening and educational in the topics of personal finance (heavier weighting on this), self development, and business and entrepreneurship, while perhaps being entertaining as well. I’ll be adding commentary on how engineers work and play in the Valley. And of course, it will cover whatever strikes me about the Internet. Admittedly, I also have a little bit of a taste for macabre news stories so if it fits the theme here, I’ll be talking about it." -- from the About page

Approx post frequency: daily

Blog Categories (on this wiki): Personal Finance Bloggers, Debt and Credit Bloggers, Investing Bloggers, Real Estate Bloggers, Personal Development and Productivity Bloggers

Specializations: money management, real estate, investment, credit, debt, and loans, business/enterprise

Highlights: The Only 3 Reasons Why People Go Bankrupt, 10 Tips On Life and Disability Insurance and Why We're Getting More, Do You Really Know How Much It Costs to Own Your Car, more top posts

Memberships/Other Sites and Projects: The Money Writers

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