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Blog Title: MoneyMonk

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Blogger name(s)/Alias(es): MoneyMonk

Blog start date: October 20, 2006

About the Blog: 'My goal is simple: to make money, whether it be through my job, blogging, my contract work, stock dividends. I'm always looking for multiple streams of income. I am an investor not a trader. I normally hold stocks for the long run. I hope to one day add businesses and/or hotels to my portfolio.

I plan to retire at 50 ( from my 9-5 ). At 50, I should have enough non retirement savings to live off and also have a business up and running that will generate passive income. At 65, I will cash out my 401k and Roth. With the right education and disciple of money I am sure to get there.

One of my favorite PF Books: The Millionaire Next taught me the key to being rich is not acting like you're rich.' -- from the About page

Approx post frequency: daily

Blog Categories (on this wiki): Personal Finance Bloggers, Frugal Bloggers, Debt and Credit Bloggers, Investing Bloggers

Specializations: consumption, debt, investing, savings, wealth

Highlights: Dave Ramsey and His All-Cash Route, When Personal Finance Gets Boring, Women Are Not Aggressive With Money, FICO Fever, The Problem With Getting Out of Debt

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