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Almost Frugal

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I post as: Kelly from Almost Frugal.

Blog start date: December 27, 2007 [1]

About the Blog: What is Almost Frugal?

Almost Frugal is a blog about frugality and about learning to be frugal. For me, being frugal doesn't mean deprivation, it means being smart with your spending, saving and money goals.

Almost Frugal is, most of all, a community. Because learning about frugality is easier when you are with friends, join me as we journey towards frugality together, sharing tips, tricks and support along the way.

I'm a thirty-something American living in a small city in the French Alps. I have three kids, three cats, and one French husband. Oh, and one mountain of debt (~€60,000) that we're trying to dig our way out of, one small cent at a time. ‘Almost Frugal’ is how we live our life. We watch our pennies and centimes but like to live well too.

Approx post frequency: Three to five times a week.

Blog Categories (on this wiki): Personal Finance Bloggers, Frugal Bloggers, Debt and Credit Bloggers

Specializations: I talk a lot about frugality and debt management, setting goals and then keeping them. Not to mention the differences of French and American attitudes towards debt, money... well just about everything! This blog isn't about advice; other bloggers do that much better than I could ever hope to do. Think of me as an aspiring Dooce, but in France, broke and with an infinitesimally smaller number of readers!

Highlights: Finding Room in the Budget for Priorities [2], How to Cut a Little Boy's Hair [3], What Is Your Biggest Financial Fear? [4], The ABCs of Frugality: 26 Key frugal Concepts [5]

Memberships/Other Sites and Projects: Almost Frugal has a Facebook page [6] , and I'd be delighted if you dropped by!

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