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There are several ways for making money. Here we limit ourselves to the legal ways.

A day job

Get a day job and work your ass off. You will make money, though you're probably reading this because you don't want to work 9 to 6 anymore.

Online business

Starting an online business is your best bet for making money. You can make a lot of money online. It's important to choose your niche market. Find something that no one is doing yet, or that you can do much better than other people. Create a lot of content, make sure that people like your content. Search engine optimization is an important facet. These are the main ways for making money:

Free software allows for cheap and decent ways for setting up websites. If have an option, choose open source. It doesn't lock you in to one specific supplier and will allow you to set up many similar websites once you have set up one.

An alternative for making money is saving money. There are plenty of ways that allow you to not spend money.