Budgets are Sexy

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Blog Title: Budgets are Sexy

Blogger name(s)/Alias(es): J. Money

Blog start date: February 12th, 2008

About the Blog: Let's see here, what can I tell you about myself. Well, I'm 6'1, hyperactive, and i constantly have a devilish grin on my face (this tends to get me in trouble). I'm recently married, in my late 20's, and i work over in DC for a start up managing customer service.

While I *thought* i was The Man when it came to money, it really wasn't until we purchased our first home that I realized i needed to get my finances in order. Soooooooo, I tracked my expenses for 3 months, made a budget, read some books (The Millionaire Next Door, & The Automatic Millionaire being my favs), and it's been smooth sailing ever since! Throughout the whole process i accidently came across the PF blogosphere and have been hooked from day one ;)

Will I sound kooky at times? Sure thing. Will you wonder why I use the words "Super" and "Sexy" alot? You bet. Ultimately though, I really hope to spread some good ideas and motivation around town. It's def. going to be an adventure, that I promise! My about page.

Approx post frequency: daily (M-F)

Blog Categories (on this wiki): Personal Finance Bloggers, Frugal Bloggers, 20 Something Bloggers

Specializations: budgets, bargains, saving ideas

Highlights: Talking personal finance with neighbors/strangers, 4 stages you'll encounter during a "No Spend" challenge, do you give $ to beggars?, starbucks just got sexier

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