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Hi Fridemar! Thanks for your edits! SocialDomaining is not 100% clear to me yet. Can you give a more specific example than the one I saw at Then I also read "New-style communities as integrate additionally a wealth of revenue for all active participants." And I'm curious if/how has integrated this wealth? Cheers, guaka 22:43, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

Hi Guaka! Thank you too for your interest. I am impressed by your energy, with which you build this cash-oriented wiki. In the age of Google:WikiNomics, I appreciate such a dedicated wiki. To Meatball:FosterEachOther, I invite you to a public conversation on <->Meatball:SocialDomaining, with a very specific example, bilinking the two pages for the mutual benefit. This way Meatball can help to barnraise your community and vice versa, you and the peers here can help to advance the WikiNomics idea and practise at Meatball and Aboutus.

Besides that Google honors more our conversation, if it is distributed, i.e. in this case pointing from outside in between the involved wikis :-)

By the way has not (yet) an incentive system to share income with community members. On the other hand I was perhaps the first non staff community member, who received a public Paypal transfer of 100USD award by its CEO RayKing, simply because I did post some "interesting" things. Fridemar 00:24, 12 August 2009 (UTC)