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These personal finance blogs also write about personal development and productivity.

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Blog Name(s)/Alias(es) Start Date Post Frequency Visit the Blog
Liberta - Freedom Francois Viljoen June 26, 2008 daily
Get Rich Slowly JD Roth April 9, 2006 multiple times daily
The Simple Dollar Trent Hamm October 30, 2006 multiple times daily
My Money Blog Jonathan December 6, 2004 daily
Free Money Finance FMF April 2005 multiple times daily
I Will Teach You To Be Rich Ramit Sethi August 18, 2003 2-3 times weekly
Wise Bread group blog, see entry December 2, 2006 multiple times daily
The Digerati Life SVB July 30, 2006 daily
The Happy Rock The Happy Rock April 21, 2007 3-5 times a week
Money $mart Life MoneySmartLife ? daily
Clever Dude Clever Dude June 6, 2006 daily
Make Love Not Debt Him and Her January 1, 2006 2-5 times weekly
Queercents group blog May 21, 2007 multiple times daily
bripblap Steve June 2007 daily
Penny Pinching Joe Caterisano June 8, 2008 Weekly
Living the Cheap Life Mike April 15, 2008 daily
Frugal Law Student Brett McKay October 28, 2006 2-3 times weekly
Remodeling This Life Emily November 11, 2007 daily
Millionaire Money Habits Ryan September 4, 2007 4-5 times weekly
American Consumer News group blog November 1, 2006 multiple times daily
Uncommon Cents Ryan Suenaga daily
Rich Credit Debt Loan Kevin May 11, 2008 daily
The Writer's Coin Nut October 16, 2007 daily
Father Sez Fathersez November 1, 2007 daily
The Honest Dollar Lily December 7, 2007 daily
Bible Money Matters Peter January 21, 2008 Daily
All About Appearances Meg May 15th, 2007 3-7 Times Weekly
Realm of Prosperity Simon August 18, 2007 3-5 times a week