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Blog Title: My Family's Money

Blogger name(s)/Alias(es): Steward

Blog start date: December 14, 2007

About the Blog: Born from a desire to do something fun, free, and interesting, this blog owes a great debt of gratitude to My Open Wallet, The Digerati Life, and Punny Money for giving it inspiration and for implanting the idea that a blog about finances doesn't have to be boring, lame, or futt buggly. The proprietor of the establishment, one Steward Lucre, has proven himself to be incapable of offering anything coherent or useful to the personal finance world - though many must admit that this deficiency is accompanied by an eloquence reminiscent of a callipygian faun fomenting to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean".

Approx post frequency: Weekdailyish-esque

Blog Categories (on this wiki): Personal Finance Bloggers, Frugal Bloggers, Debt and Credit Bloggers, Investing Bloggers, Christian Finance Bloggers, Humor Bloggers

Specializations: Monkeys Ninjas Learning from others

Highlights: Pet Monkeys - The Financial Considerations

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