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Blog Title: Make Love, Not Debt - a relationship finance blog

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Blogger name(s)/Alias(es): Him and Her

Blog start date: January 1, 2006

About the Blog: 'Current statistics state that half of all marriages fail. One of the top reasons for divorce is disputes over finances! This is the story of Him and Her, a recently engaged couple living together in Chicago. They may have a lot of debt, but believe they can conquer it with a little love and a lot of style.

That was too-wordy tagline of the first incarnation of this blog. Not much has changed, since we launched our first post on January 1, 2006. We're still in the same apartment in Chicago, a little older but still in our 20's, and still saving for our wedding. We don't have as much debt as we used to; we've managed to pay off all of our credit cards in under 2 years, and now use only rewards cards that we pay off every month. We keep track of our financial progress, but with less frequency than we used to (the last time we checked in was in September) - but we know we're well on our way to achieving our 2007 goals. We're very aware of the mountain of debt that we have to overcome, but we tend to write about it less and less as other financial issues crop up, like how much VIP drinks are at da club, how we make money by having sex, or getting expensive haircuts.

If you'd like to read about how we got into this mess, you might want to start with Him's story which will then lead you to read Her's story. As mentioned above, we've come a long was financially. When we started the blog, we couldn't afford much of a home; now the amount of home we can afford is quite scary! In the early days, much of our extra money to pay off debt came by cutting expenses, reducing retirement contributions, or using coupons.

Since that time, we've been pretty good at controlling our money by not keeping up with the Joneses, whether they be friends or family. These days we spend our money on things that matter to us, such as health, vacations, or even varietal specific wine glasses. We're also trying to be smart with the money that we save - this year we've come up with a comprehensive joint retirement investment plan. Whew, try and say that 5 times fast.' -- from the About page

Approx post frequency: 2-5 times weekly

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Specializations: credit, debt, budget, finances, investments, retirement

Highlights: Relationship Finance, Wedding Stuff

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