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These personal finance bloggers write some or all of their articles from a particularly Christian perspective.

Note: I did not include some blogs which I know are written by Christians because they do not tend to address Christianity in their articles. If you feel that your blog belongs here, please feel free to add it, as always. To edit this page, simply click the "edit" button at the top of the page and mimic the other entries. Position of blogs is purely subjective (based partially on blog age, popularity, etc and is partially random). Only registered users may edit this page.
This article is based on an article from Finwikian, available under the GFDL, content later converted into CC-BY-SA.
Blog Name(s)/Alias(es) Start Date Post Frequency Visit the Blog
Free Money Finance FMF April 2005 multiple times daily
Being Frugal Lynnae May 30, 2007 daily
Gather Little By Little Gibble July 1, 2007 daily
Christian Finance Bob ? multiple times weekly
Rocket Finance rocketc June 8, 2007 daily
The Baglady The Baglady July 28, 2007 4-5 times weekly
Prime Time Money PT April 18, 2007 4-5 times weekly
My Family's Money Steward December 14, 2007 Weekdailyish-esque
Goliath Debt, David Income Brack May 13, 2008 4-5 Times Weeekly
Rate Ladder Kevin December 27, 2006 daily
Rich Credit Debt Loan Kevin May 11, 2008 daily