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This list compiles the blogs which treat frugality, saving money, etc as well as the adjustments many 20-somethings have to make.

Blog Name(s)/Alias(es) Start Date Post Frequency Visit the Blog
My Money Blog Jonathan December 6, 2004 daily http://www.mymoneyblog.com/
Blueprint for Financial Prosperity Jim January 2005 multiple times daily http://bargaineering.com/articles/
Fabulously Broke In The City FB November 2006 multiple times weekly http://fabulouslybrokeinthecity.blogspot.com
Cash Money Life Patrick March 19, 2007 daily http://cashmoneylife.com/
This Writer's Wallet GradGirl April 2007 3-5 times/week http://www.thiswriterswallet.com
Sense to Save Kacie September 2007 daily http://sensetosave.com
Mrs. Micah Mrs. Micah August 2007 daily http://mrsmicah.com
Graduated Learning Stephanie October 2007 2-4 Times/Month http://graduatedlearning.wordpress.com
Budgets are Sexy J. Money Feb 12, 2008 daily (M-F) http://www.budgetsaresexy.com/
New Adventures, Same Me Doris March 2008 1-2 Times/week http://aventuresnouveau.blogspot.com/
QuarterLife Finances QuarterLifeGirl March 2008 daily http://quarterlifefinances.wordpress.com/
The Budgeting Babe Nicole November 2004 3-5 times weekly http://budgetingbabe.blogspot.com/
Give Me Back My Five Bucks krystalatwork February 2007 multiple times daily http://krystalatwork.blogspot.com/
Spilling Buckets R and L March 2008 4-5 times weekly http://spillingbuckets.blogspot.com/
Stacking Pennies SJean May 10, 2007 4-5 times weekly http://stackingpennies.wordpress.com/
Always the Planner As Green February 18, 2008 5-7 times weekly http://alwaystheplanner.blogspot.com/
Little Miss Moneybags Little Miss Moneybags September 2007 5-7 times weekly http://littlemissmoneybags.blogspot.com/
Well-Heeled, with a mission Wellheeled September 2006 5-7 times weekly http://wellheeled.wordpress.com/
Tough Broad Tough Broad June 2007 5-7 times weekly http://thetoughbroad.blogspot.com/
Forest On Finance Forest May 2008 5-7 times weekly http://forestonfinance.com/
Operation Financial Freedom Mya Moola August 2007 2-4 times/month http://myamoola.wordpress.com/
Small Budget, Big Style Small Budget, Big Style Chick April 4, 2008 3-5 times weekly http://smallbudgetbigstyle.blogspot.com/
Money Maus Money Maus June 2, 2008 3-5 times weekly http://moneymaus.blogspot.com/
A Sociology Major and Her Money Are Soon Parted Sociology Major May 2008 weekly http://socmajor2008.blogspot.com/
Pennies for Pedicures Penny May 2008 5-7 times weekly http://penniesforpedicures.blogspot.com/
Cheap is the new black Cheap is the new black June 2008 daily http://cheapisthenewblack.blogspot.com/
Broke Grad Student BGS November 2007 3-5 times weekly http://www.brokegradstudent.com/

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