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Blog Title: Rich Credit Debt Loan

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Blogger name(s)/Alias(es): Kevin, Rich Leverage

Blog start date: May 11, 2008

About the Blog: "I have a passion for personal finance… I can’t get enough… I read about it, I think about it, and now I write about it.

Why does the Interent need another personal finance blog?

All personal finance blogs that I have read villify debt, demonize it even… While such a stance is important for those unfortunate individuals to be ladden with debt without the cashflow to pay it off, in my opinion, the propagation of this “truth” is the single biggest travesty to occur to the middle and lower classes since the time of feuadalism. What ever happened to the American Dream? It is being buried in the avalanche of the debt snowball. … Which brings me to the travesty of the debt snowball. I mentioned above your cost of living must be below your income, but there are two ways to achieve balance. Cost reduction and the Debt Snowball is clearly one path, but that path also has a limited ability to produce wealth. The way to wealth is through increasing your income, not limiting your expenses. The path to stability is diversification of your income. The way to get Rich is to leverage Credit Debt and Loans to build a diversified portfolio of income producing assets.

Good luck on your personal journey and I hope you enjoy my blog." -- from the Travesty of the Debt Snowball aka Hello World

Approx post frequency: daily

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