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Forum for Elite Students of Cost Accounting (FESCA) was founded in 1996 by some of the visionary of ICWAI. FESCA is being run by, for and of the student organisers of the ICWAI and is treated as representative of students of CWA to the board.


FESCA acts as a function between the student community of ICWAI and its administrators, members and society. It aims at excavating the hidden talents and enhancing the soft skills of the budding Cost accountants spread over the Nation. It also aims at cultivating professional behaviour along with ethics among the students of CWA.


There are many events/activities that are being organized throughout the year, and some of the most important one's are:

Cost O' Rhythm [A Two day event/meet attracting around 300+ student delegates, giving an insight into the profession skills to be acquired for a budding Cost Accountant.]
Cost O' Olympia [This branch of activities include sports interaction between the students and the staff, because in the health body lives a healthy mind]
Enhancers [ The first step to get the youngsters little more techi - A Group of young minded professionals [over 300+] sharing thoughts, write ups, articles, ideas, management studies in the area of FINANCE.]

Cost O' Rhythm (COR)

Cost O' Rhythm is usually a two day evet in which students (mostly from ICWAI) from all over India participate. The event is aimed at exhibiting student's talent and providing a platform to launch themselves in corporate world. COR has various games which aims at testing different skills of an individual as an individual and as a team.

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Enhancers is aimed at developing and improving soft skills through regular Group Discussion and Seminars held in the institute premises to prepare the students for the day they will have to face every time they attend an interview.

Cost O' Olympia (COO)

Cost O' Olympia is dedicated only to ICWAI, it is conducted for both students and institute staff. This is an attempt to break the communication barrier among students and between students and the institute staff using the medium of sports.

Cost O' Rhythm (Events till now)

COR started in 1996, in the first year of FESCA, with programs from two and half day. The event started on Friday and ended on Sunday. Now the event is designed to accommodate all the programs in two days. Till August 2006, 11 Cost O' Rhythm have been celebrated. The names are as follows:

Talent Scan (1996-97)

Talent Scan was the first attempt to pick people with talent to help the institute derive help from its student community. Though there were not many people who knew about it but it sure was one of the most desired event for the year.

Freaky Freedom (1997-98)

Marking the 50th year of Indian independence this event was named Freaky Freedom. It was a pleasant surprise to find the number of turnouts for the event. It was greatly encouraging which paved the way for the years to come.

Orion Galore (1998-99)

Epoch (1999-2000)

Avant Garde (2000-01)

To set new trends and to mark a new beginning some energetic souls set their voyage far ahead of their times

Zeitgeist (2001-02)

Euphoria (2002-03)

Panoptic (2003-04)

Kat Exochin (2004-05)

Bravura (2005-06)

Verve (2006-07)

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