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Blog Title: Generation X Finance

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Blogger name(s)/Alias(es): Jeremy

Blog start date: October 19, 2006

About the Blog: "Generation X Finance was created in late 2006 as a means for discussing financial issues that are important to this unique generation. Generally speaking, it includes those who are in their late 20s through 30s, sandwiched between the Baby Boomers and Generation Y. That isn’t to say the topics here aren’t applicable to others, but the primary focus is to help people get debt under control, establish a successful career, and begin to accumulate wealth."

"I currently work in the finance industry providing financial advice to participants in employer-sponsored retirement plans such as 401(k)s and 403(b)s. My official title is “Retirement Planning Specialist”, but I spent time as a financial advisor prior to specializing in retirement planning. I also hold a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®) designation from the College for Financial Planning." -- from the About page

Approx post frequency: daily

Blog Categories (on this wiki): Personal Finance Bloggers, Debt and Credit Bloggers, Investing Bloggers, Real Estate Bloggers

Specializations: personal finance, investing, real estate, estate planning, taxes, insurance, credit

Highlights: 24 Signs of Financial Trouble, How to Become a Millionaire

Memberships/Other Sites and Projects: The Money Writers, Financial Planning at

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