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Amsterdam is a lively city in the Netherlands. Make sure you do know your rights.

International travelers

Amsterdam has a vibrant international culture. There are many jobs available for people that speak other languages than Dutch. It is possible to come to Amsterdam and get yourself a job for some months, or even a couple of years. You will find especially a lot of people from Italy, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France and Poland.

Bars & restaurants

For travelers, even without the appropriate papers, is not hard to find jobs in restaurants, bars or coffeeshops. You basically just have to go from bar to bar and ask if they have any jobs for you.


Busking in Amsterdam is pretty much allowed anywhere in the city. Best chances though are in a neighborhood at the entrance of a supermarket. If you perform nicely, you should be able to make around 10 to 20 euro an hour. Catchy tunes generate more money than your own songs, or songs that no-one knows. At some supermarkets you sometimes have some 'competition' of another busker. In the city center you have the right to play for an hour, un-amplified. If someone argues (a shopkeeper or police), the best things sometimes is to not argue back, but to just go.

Service Industry

There are many jobs for people within the service industry, such as call-centers Languages with a big demand are French, English and German.

Cleaning jobs

Cleaning jobs are generally not very well paid, but if you really need cash, you can get a cleaning job easily. It mostly concerns cleaning-jobs at offices.

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